Useful links

I. Finance, customs, banks

Ministry of Finance: www.mf.gov.dz
Directorate General of Forecasting and Policies: www.dgpp.mf.gov.dz
Directorate General of Taxes: www.mfdgi.gov.dz
Directorate General of Customs: www.douane.gov.dz
Bank of Algeria: www.bank-of-algeria.dz
Foreign Bank of Algeria: www.bea.dz
National Bank of Algeria: www.bna.dz
Stock Exchange of Algiers : www.sgbv.dz

II. Trade and associations of fairs and exhibitions

Ministry of Commerce: www.mincommerce.gov.dz
Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: www.caci.dz
Algerian Society of Fairs and Exportation: www.safex.com.dz
National Trade Registry: www.cnrc.org.dz
National Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Trade: www.algex.dz
Algerian Company for Export Insurance and Guarantees: www.cagex.com.dz

III. Industry and investment promotion

Ministry of Industry and Mining: www.industrie.gov.dz
National Agency for Investment Development (ANDI): www.andi.dz
National Agency for Intermediation and Land Regulation (ANIREF): www.aniref.dz

IV. Energy and mining

Ministry of Energy: www.energy.gov.dz
Hydrocarbons Regulatory Authority: www.arh.gov.dz
Electricity and Gas Regulatory Commission: www.creg.gov.dz
Bulletin of tenders in the energy and mining sector: www.baosem.com
Sonatrach (Algeria’s national oil and gas company): www.sonatrach-dz.com
Sonelgaz (Algeria’s national electricity and gas company): www.sonelgaz.dz
Algerian Energy Company: www.aec.dz
Algerian gold-mining company (ENOR): www.bank-of-algeria.dz
National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalisation of Energy Use: www.aprue.org.dz
National Agency for Mining Patrimony: www.anam.gov.dz

V. Culture, Higher Education and Training

Ministry of Culture: www.m-culture.gov.dz
Ministry of Professional Training: www.mfp.gov.dz
Ministry of Labor, Employment and Secial Security: www.mtess.gov.dz/

VI. Other ministerial departments

Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development: www.minagri.dz
Ministry of Water Resources: www.mre.dz
Ministry of Postal Services and Telecommunications: www.mptic.dz
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research: www.mesrs.dz
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