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"12S" Birth Certificate

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.12s birth certificate is an official document :

It Contains information on civil status that allows the formation of the national ID number for all Algerians , this number is unique for each Algerian.

. 12s birth certificate is authentic document :

Issued by the birth municipality on the basis of the record of civil status .it is printed by an automatic program after going through the stages of scrutiny and approval .

. 12s birth certificate is a safe document :

Printed on secured paper using sophisticated methods to prevent any attempt at fraud . The national identification number allows detection of any clone attempt.
This document is issued as follow :

1- Citizens born in Algeria, living abroad and registered with in consular services

Can get their 12s birth certificate, required especially for the issuance of the biometric passport and national identity card, through one of the following options :

  • Using the website dedicated for this purpose.
  • Appoint anyone to extract this document at their place at the Birth municipality, the procuration should be legalized by our services.
  • Any citizen on the occasion of his presence in Algeria, can ask for his 12s birth certificate from his birth municipality.


2 - Citizens born in the China

The civil status services of the China of Algeria in China deliver the 12s birth certificates for citizens born in China. this operation concerns births previously registered within the civil status registers of the China.

3- Citizens born abroad and registered with the Embassy in China

The civil status services of the China of Algeria in China receive requests for 12s birth certificates from citizens registered with its services, those born outside the national territory. The requests are sent through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the concerned diplomatic or consular missions, in which the birth was previously registered.