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Civil Status

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Administrative services are provided upon personal attendance with an identity document. A distinction should be done between free services and those with consular fees.

A. Civil status registrations :

Decree No. 70/20 dated on 19/02/1970 relating to civil status

• Birth registrations :

- Registration Form

- Original birth certificate issued by the China authorities for the new born

- Family record book

- Identity document

-translation of the birth certificate in English

• Marriage registrations :

- Registration Form

- original marriage certificate issued by the China authorities

- birth certificate of the spouses

- A copy of the spouses passport

-translation of the marriage certificate in English

Note: The family book record is free for the first time of its issue.

• Death registrations :

- The original death certificate issued by the China authorities

- Birth certificate of the dead (s)

- Identity documents: the passport or the national identity card

- Family book record

The Embassy takes care of the civil status registrations of the Algerian citizens, which had been transcribed outside the China. In fact, it requests the according diplomatic or consular posts to proceed to their civil status registrations and updates the Algerian institutions about these changes. However, the changes issued from the China judiciary judgments are not considered only after the equivalent judiciary judgments are attained from Sidi M’hamed Court in Algiers.

B. Civil status documents:

The Embassy delivers the following documents to Algerian citizens upon personal attendance with an identity document: Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, family and personal certificate, no marriage and no re-marriage after death or divorce certificate, certificate of consent to marriage, Support certificate, diverse statements

C. Documents translation

According to presidential decree no 407/02 dated on 26/11/2002,regarding the consular post chief’s authority, the Embassy translates the documents issued by the Algerian institutions ( school certificates, transcripts, driving licences….)

D. Body Transfer Authorization for burial in Algeria The instruction No. 14/2003 dated 01/11/2003

- Death certificate issued by the China authorities

- Burial permit (issued by local medical authorities)

- Statement (issued by local medical authorities)

- A non-infectious medical certificate (issued by local medical authorities)

- Authorization to Transport

- The dead person's identity (passport or national identity card)

- Travel ticket

E. Transfer of property in the settlement of the legacy case

- Legacy certificate edited by a notary

- A procuration from the heirs to the person in charge of the transfer of property edited by a notary

- Death certificate

F. Legalization of documents

- Documents issued by the Algerian authorities that have been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria.

- Copies of documents issued by the Algerian authorities according to the original.

- Documents issued by the China authorities that have been approved by the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

G. Signature legalization for the Algerian adult nationals

- Parental authorization to leave the Algerian territory for minors

- Parental authorization regarding registering or delivering passport for minors

- Procurations

- Certificate of non marriage or non re-marriage after death or divorce

- Algerian Nationality Certificate

- Life certicate

- Individuality certificate

- Sponsorship certificate

- Sworn statement