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President Tebboune reiterates commitment to increasing wages, unemployment benefit

ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune reiterated his commitment to increasing wages and unemployment benefit, with regard to the additional revenues achieved this year by the national economy.
“As long as there are additional revenues this year, I commit to increasing wages and unemployment benefit, announced President Tebboune, in an extract of his periodic meeting with the representatives of the national media that will be broadcast on Sunday evening, adding that “the struggle we are leading is aimed at restoring dignity.”
In his response to a question on the possibility of conducting a ministerial reshuffle, President of the Republic affirmed that “there will be a ministerial reshuffle,” underlining that “it occurs in all the governments of the world.” A reshuffle, he said, that comes within the framework of “the implementation of our commitments.”
President Tebboune emphasized “the good will and strong sense of patriotism among Sonatrach Group’s workers,” hailing them “from the simplest worker to the most senior executives” for their efforts.
As regards the teaching of English language in the primary schools, President Tebboune said that this decision “will be implemented this year” to enable Algeria to “impose itself at the international level,” adding that “French is the spoils of the war but English is an international language.”
President Tebboune referred to the military parade organized by the People’s National Army on the occasion of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the recovery of the national sovereignty, pointing out that “Algeria has the right to organize a military parade on the occasion of the anniversary of its independence and to highlight the cohesion between the Algerian people and the People’s National Army, as it is an Army-Nation.”
With respect to the Arab Summit, scheduled for early November 2022 in Algiers, President of the Republic affirmed that Algeria “has a credibility in the Arab world,” underlining that “the Arab family will meet in Algiers” and that Algeria “is best placed to assemble the Arab world.”
He also referred to the relations between Algeria and Italy and welcomed the evolution they are experiencing recently, expressing the two countries’ willingness to embark on the joint production in the mechanical engineering industry and the manufacturing of cars and ships.”