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Passport & ID Card

Language: Arabic . English


The application file for the biometric passport should contain the following documents :

  • A valid Consular card along with a copy.
  • Original passport with a valid proof of residence along with a copy.
  • The application form correctly filled and then signed. For married applicant, kindly fill spouse - kids appendix (click to download).
  • The original 12S birth certificate (Please make sure to match the marginal data with applicant's civil status).
  • Card or statement of blood type.
  • 04 photographs, size 4.5 x 3.5 cm, identical, colored and clear with a white background (Photo that will appear on the passport is the one that will be taken at the Embassy).
  • Work certificate or a current scholarship certificate for for the students.
  • Passport Fee: 520 rmb.

Important notes

  • An appointment is mandatory at the following number : 0086 10 65321231 / 0086 10 65323773
  • Uncompleted application files are automatically rejected, hence a new appointment is required
  • Any delay eliminates the appointment automatically and the concerned person must request another appointment again.
  • In case of loss or theft, the application file should be completed by a statement issued from the local police services.
  • For minors, the presence of a legal guardian is a must.
  • The ordinary passport will be canceled upon delivery of the biometric passport and it should be returned within 15 days, after completion of procedures for the transfer of residence.
  • On receipt of the biometric passport, the presence of the concerned person is necessary (confirmation of the fingerprint).
  • Biometric passport delivery will be in accordance with planned dates by the Embassy. In case of default on any appointment, it will be automatically canceled.
  • Biometric passport contains a very sensitive electronic chip, it must be preserved, damage can make this chip unreadable and will cause the cancellation of the document.

Each person who has a complete file has the right to request a biometric passport even if the ordinary passport is still valid or still contains empty pages.


Please provide the following documents when applying for an ID card (the applicant should be registered at the embassy):

The regularly registered citizens as main or subsidiary at the embassy can benefit from the national identity card.

The following documents are required:

  • Completed application form
  • Registration Card
  • The applicant’s old card
  • Algerian passport with evidence of legal residence in the China (presentation of the original passport is a must)
  • Marriage certificate for married women, or a divorce certificate for divorced ones
  • Three (03) Passport sized photographs
  • The appropriate fee

Note :

  • In case of loss, the applicant must present a statement issued from local police authorities
  • The renewal of Algerian identity card is performed under the same conditions as those required for its establishment
  • The validity of the national identity card is 10 years