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Settlement of problems in Mali requires implementation of Algiers Agreement

ALGIERS-The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed that the settlement of the problems facing Mali depends on the implementation of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement resulting from the Algiers process.
"As long as the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement resulting from the Algiers process has not been implemented, the problems facing Mali will persist, because the deterioration of the situation is such that anyone arrogates the right to interfere in the affairs of this country", underlined President Tebboune at his periodic meeting with the national press, broadcast Sunday evening on TV and radio channels.
After stressing the importance of the unity of Mali, the President of the Republic expressed Algeria's readiness to provide material assistance and organize meetings in Algeria or Mali between Malian belligerents, recalling the willingness shown by Algeria on this issue is lacking for many other countries.
"Every time we try to bring the brothers together in a given country, some parties interfere (...). Algeria is envied for its role as it deals with African states in good faith and with sincerity to resolve the issue,” he continued.
Recalling the existence of terrorism in Mali, President Tebboune said "this scourge is provoked for strategic reasons which push other countries to feed it.”.
The President of the Republic called on Malians, in particular the Malian leaders, to "comply with legality, give the floor back to the people, organize elections, return to the Constitution, and not to let the current exceptional political circumstances continue,” warning that their country "is coveted by other countries.”
The files of Algerian nationals attacked in Gao (Mali) and kidnapped diplomats, two of whom had died, are not yet closed, insisted President Tebboune.
"The perpetrators will be condemned. We have an idea of who would be behind the attack targeting Algerians in Gao", assured President Tebboune, recalling that "investigations are underway and our suspicions are confirmed", he said.
As for the crisis in Libya, President Tebboune affirmed that Algeria supports the legitimate party in Libya and the decisions of the Security Council.
"We are for the legitimacy and in favor of the resolutions of the Security Council. We support the initiative to unify the ranks of the Libyan brothers as well as the inter-Libyan solution far from any interference", explained the President of the Republic, emphasizing the need "to organize elections, being the only legitimate solution.”
Algeria has been calling for two years for the organization of elections in Libya, hence "the formation of the government of Abdelhamid Debeibah and the Presidential Council, chaired by Mohamed al-Manfi", he said.
Algeria does not intervene in the internal affairs of the Libyans and Sonatrach had frozen its activities in Libya with the aim of "giving the Libyans time to solve their problems, and now, our Libyan brothers insist that Sonatrach returns to Libya.”