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Arab Summit of Algiers to be a success

ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed that the Arab Summit that will be held in Algeria in early November will be successful, stressing that Algeria will work for the unification of the Arab ranks.
During a periodic meeting with the national press, broadcast on Sunday evening on the channels of public and private national television and radio, President Tebboune said that the next Arab Summit “will be a success as long as Algeria has no other intention behind the organization of this Summit but to work for the unification of the Arab ranks.”
In this respect, he underscored that “the past few years experienced a big deterioration in relations and the emergence of disagreements between several Arab countries.”
Despite these disagreements, added Tebboune, “all the countries will meet in Algeria which has no problem with any Arab country and respects all the States,” underlining “the interest for the Arab nation to meet in Algeria which is best placed to unify the ranks and lead mediations to settle some disagreements.”
While broaching Syria’s participation in Algiers Summit, President of the Republic said the presence of this country will be the subject of discussions between the Arab countries, adding that “legally, Syria is considered as a founding country of the Arab League and its presence in the Summit will be obvious, but politically there are still some disagreements.”
As regards the Palestinian issue, President of the Republic said that Algeria will work to host a meeting of the Palestinian factions before the Arab Summit.