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National Army Day: Recognition of Army's role in construction process, preservation of unity, sovereignty

ALGIERS- Algeria celebrates Thursday the National Day of the People's National Army, established by President of the Republic, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, minister of National Defense, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in recognition of the military institution's significant role in the country's construction process and the preservation of national unity and sovereignty.
President Tebboune had announced the decision to make August 4th the National Day of the Army in a meeting held early this year, at the ministry of National Defense.
In a speech to mark the day, he commended the efforts of the "peaceful Algerian Army to vigorously defend Algeria."
The presidential decree No 22-217 of 8 Dhu al-Qaʿdah 1443 corresponding to 8 June 2022, published in the Official Journal No 39 of last June, provides for the establishment of the national day to mark the conversion of the National Liberation Army into the People's National Army, on August 1962, putting forward the significant role of the military institution in the country's construction process and the preservation of the national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity.
The national day is celebrated by all branches of the Army nationwide, through various events, activities and award ceremonies, in recognition of the martyrs and mujahideen of the blessed National Liberation War (1954-1962), the martyrs of national duty, the severely disabled people in the fight against terrorism and all Army members for their unwavering dedication and immeasurable sacrifices.
Over the last few years, the National Army has continued its sustained efforts to modernize and develop its fighting abilities.
It has achieved conclusive results in the fight against terrorism and organized crime, in upholding the principles of the Glorious Revolution, the preservation of the country's sovereignty and security, the protection of the borders and the safeguard of the territorial integrity and the people's unity, in addition to its contribution to the development of national economy through a carefully thought-out strategy, to achieve self-sufficiency, meet the needs of the national market and develop the country's industrial base.
The president of the Republic has not failed to praise, at every opportunity, the pioneering and key role of the People's National Army, which is fulfilling its mission of protecting the country in fidelity to the oath of martyrs.
In his latest meeting with the press, the president of the Republic said the force of the Algerian Army lies in the fact that it is an "Army-Nation" that has managed to establish strong links with the people, who are proud of their military institution.
This feeling of pride was very obvious during the military parade held by the People's National Army on 5 July 2022, to mark the 60th anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty.
During this military parade which denoted the professionalism and development of the national defense system, President of the Republic underlined, in his speech, the nation’s respect and consideration for the People’s National Army, describing it as the shield of Algeria and worthy heir to the National Liberation Army (ALN). “We are proud of the great achievements it made,” he added.
He also hailed the professionalism of the People’s National Army and its mastery of the military technologies as well as its commitment to the martyrs’ oath and November’s values.”
In a message sent to the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, General Said Chanegriha, to congratulate him on the success of the military parade, President Tebboune affirmed that the military institution in our country “has resolutely got involved in the path of modern sciences, to get in tune with the latest evolutions and progress in the military field, reinforcing thereby its privileged position within the nation.”
For his part, General Said Chanegriha stressed, in a ceremony in honor of the officers and the staffs of the People’s National Army that participated in the military parade, that the “armament of the People’s National Army is exclusively devoted to the defense of Algeria and protection of its borders and national sovereignty, in addition to its contribution to the establishment of peace and stability in the world under the aegis of the United Nations.”
Algeria “expressed clearly its willingness and resolution to play a pioneering role on the regional and international scenes within the framework of the international law,” he underlined.
In his speech during the annual ceremony of the graduation of the classes of the Military Academy of Cherchell, General Said Chanegriha affirmed that “the People’s National Army has always been the protector of the national unity and played a key role in the national development,” adding that the People’s National Army “will continue its constitutional mission.”
This constitutional mission has been enshrined by the Constitution of November 2020 which, in addition to the consolidation of the roles assigned to the National Army, through the articles 31 and 91, the Army’s participation in the peacekeeping missions under the aegis of the United Nations to face, proactively, any threat notably in the region, and protect the country’s strategic interests.
This constitutional amendment reaffirms that Algeria’s strategic choices are irreversible and that its doctrine in foreign policy and national defense is constant and unchanging. It also emphasizes the need for the People’s National Army and for the country to adapt to the new geopolitical order which dictates, as an inescapable option, the participation in the collective security to defend Algeria’s geostrategic interests.
The article 31 of the Constitution states that “as part of compliance with the principles and objectives of the United Nations, the African Union and the Arab League, Algeria can be involved in peacekeeping efforts.”
According to the article 91, President of the Republic “decides to send the units of the People’s National Army abroad after the approval of the majority of the two thirds (2/3) of each house of the Parliament.”
The People’s National Army is distinguished from the other armies of the world by the fact that it wasn’t instituted by decree, one element among others which explains the deep national dimension and popular extension of the worthy heir of the National Liberation Army which comes from the sufferings of a people that, after enduring the worst ordeals for long decades, decided to spark off one of the biggest revolutions of the 20th century.