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Impressive military parade of July 5th, "message of loyalty" to our martyrs

ALGIERS- The "radiant" image given by the People's National Army, through the "rigorous" organization of the "impressive" military parade marking the 60th anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty, is a "message of loyalty" to our martyrs and an expression of its "determination" to protect and defend the country with "devotion, in all circumstances," El Djeich (the Army) magazine stressed in the editorial of its latest issue.
"The radiant image given by the People's National Army on this occasion, considered by the Algerian people as one of the major national events, is first and foremost a message of loyalty to our martyrs, and an expression of determination to protect and defend our country with devotion, in all circumstances," the magazine said.
"As expected on that day, which has its own symbolism and meaning in the collective consciousness of the Nation as it concerns the 60th anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty, the People's National Assembly has taken up the challenge and won the bet," El Djeich magazine stressed.
"Our valiant Army staged a military parade that lived up to the event, sparking the pride of the Algerian people and impressing the audience among Algeria's guests and all those who followed it through international TV channels."
"The outstanding success of the impressive and grandiose military parade, performed by the People's National Army with professionalism and mastery on the morning of 5 July 2022, was an expression of the sense of responsibility, among its members, concerning their duties towards the country and the citizens," the magazine explained.
The parade "carried a message to the Algerian people giving them a feeling of assurance, but also to foreign nations that our army's sophisticated equipment is only meant for the defence of our country, as reiterated by General Saïd Chanegriha, the chief of the Army Staff."
The magazine underlined that "the rigorous organization of the parade, in all its aspects, and its perfect performance by various Army units, confirmed that the different statements made by the president of the Republic, commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, minister of National Defence, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, as well as General Saïd Chanegriha, the chief of Staff of the People's National Army, about our Army's deterrent power that allows it to defend national sovereignty and the unity of our people, were note mere words, but a true depiction of the success of our army which is on the right track, as it has embarked on a process of permanent development."
El-Djeich highlighted "the success achieved by the worthy heir to the National Liberation Army after persevering efforts and according to a carefully considered strategy to reach such a stage of advance for the supreme interest of the Nation."
"The high level of the units that took part in the parade shows, without a shadow of doubt, that they could not achieve such performance and make a good impression on everybody without the top training of the Army members in the different training institutions of the People's National Army and the permanent training of the different units in implementation of the combat readiness programmes."
The magazine said that the celebrations of the recovery of national sovereignty coincided with several graduation ceremonies.
The graduated classes "have received quality training in various military and scientific specialties," it said, adding that the Army "will thus be reinforced with young, high-skilled members" who will be a "significant factor in the development of the People's National Army and a bulwark against any attempt to harm the country's sovereignty, independence and stability."
"The achievements in terms of training are the outcome of a bet, by the high command of the People's National Army, on human resources, as a training of excellence is provided (in Algerian military academies) matching the level of military higher education institutions across the world."
The magazine added that "it is also the result of the importance given (to military education and training) by the president of the Republic who, since his accession to the supreme office, has overseen the graduation ceremonies of new classes at the Houari-Boumediene Military Academy of Cherchell, and has been following with interest the innovation introduced throughout the years."

"While we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty, and on the eve of the celebration of the National Day of the People's National Army (August 4), our men and women in uniform are invited to continue this process with loyalty to the values of our glorious elders, by increasing efforts at all levels and in all fields.
With its glorious history and brilliant future, Algeria deserves from everybody more sacrifices which, as great as they are, cannot compare with those made by the martyrs of the Algerian popular resistance, the liberating Revolution and the national duty," the magazine concluded.