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19th Algeria-Mauritania Great Joint Commission: Convergence of views on Arab, regional issues

NOUAKCHOTT-The 19th session of the Algeria-Mauritania Great Joint Commission for Cooperation wrapped up Wednesday in Nouakchott. The two countries converged on different Arab and regional issues.
Concerning the Libyan issue, Algeria and Mauritania expressed their support for international efforts aimed at resolving the conflict in Libya, calling on all parties in this country to “favor dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation, as it is the only path towards the resolution of the crisis and the preservation of the country’s unity, security, and stability,” said Prime Minister Aimene Benabderrahmane and his Mauritanian counterpart, Mohamed Ould Bilal Messaoud in a statement.
Regarding the Palestinian cause, the two parties renewed their “unwavering solidarity" with the Palestinian people and their right to establish an independent and sovereign state with Al-Quds as its capital. They also condemned the repeated and systematic Zionist violence against the Palestinian people, added the source.
 “The Mauritanian part welcomed Algeria's efforts aimed to unify the ranks of the Palestinian people and their factions,” said the source.
As for the situation in the Sahel region, Algeria and Mauritania lauded the efforts to spread security and stability in Mali and throughout the region.
Algeria referred to its efforts as the leader of the Monitoring Committee on the implementation of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement in Mali 2015 in Algiers, welcoming the results of the 6th session of this Committee held in early September.
In this regard, the two parties welcomed the cooperation of the member countries of the Joint Operational Army Staffs Committee (CEMOC), expressing their willingness to ensure permanent support for this cooperation within the framework of the mentioned organization.
Algeria and Mauritania welcomed the “convergence of views” on important continental issues and their permanent coordination within the African Union (AU) aiming at defending the interests of the African peoples. The two sides also pledged to exchange support for the applications of the two countries within the AU and its bodies.