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Preservation of Memory to build new, strong and sovereign Algeria

ALGIERS-The preservation of memory is the subject of special attention from the highest authorities of the country which are working to highlight this aspect, considered as a benchmark and a reference for future generations. They seek to build an Algeria faithful to the oath of the martyrs (shouhada), a new, strong, and sovereign Algeria.
Sixty years after independence, the interest given to the file of Memory, which is among the priorities of the 54 commitments of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, reflects the strong political will to deal with the national identity in the discernment and foresight, while continuing to collect the testimonies of mujahideen (war veterans) to inspire future generations.
In this regard, President Tebboune has given firm instructions to attach to the file of memory the importance it deserves through the launch, in coordination with the Ministries of Mujahideen, National Education, Higher Education, Vocational Training and Culture, and national competitions to instill the spirit of patriotism and nationalism.
In this sense, the Ministry of Mujahideen and Rights-holders is working on a series of laws, including a draft law on the establishment of national days related to popular resistance, the National Movement, and the glorious November Revolution.
In the same vein, the Ministry of Mujahideen has collected, so far, 36,000 testimonies and 28,000 hours of recording in addition to other testimonies collected and archived at the national radio and television companies.
In 2021, President Tebboune decided to declare the observation of a minute of silence on October 17 of each year, throughout the national territory, in memory of the Algerian victims of the massacres of October 17, 1961 perpetrated in Paris by the French police, a state crime that left hundreds of victims summarily executed by bullets, thrown into the Seine or beaten to death.
A year earlier, the President of the Republic had also decided to institute a national day of remembrance on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the massacres of May 8, 1945, infamy that marks the bloody and savage repression against Algerians, who demonstrated peacefully to claim their legitimate right to freedom and independence. The response of the colonizer was bloody and resulted in a real genocide with some 45,000 victims, massacred by the colonial forces and their militias in Setif, Guelma, Kherrata, and other cities in the country.
On the occasion of the institution of the National Day of Remembrance, a television channel, specializing in the history of the Revolution and the struggle against colonialism was created. The TV channel is called "Dhakira" (Memory).