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National Diplomacy Day

National Diplomacy Day: President Tebboune congratulates Algerian diplomats
ALGIERS-President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Saturday congratulated the Algerian diplomats on the occasion of National Diplomacy Day.
 “On 8 October 1962, the Algerian flag was raised alongside sovereign states in the United Nations. On the occasion of Algerian Diplomacy Day, I call all our diplomats to remain faithful to the oath of shouhadas (martyrs) in accordance with the requirements of their missions. Congratulations to you on this historic day, twitted President Tebboune.   
Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrates National Diplomacy Day
ALGIERS- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad celebrated on Sunday the National Day of Diplomacy, coinciding with the date of Algeria’s membership of the United Nations in 1962, under the slogan “60 years of presence and influence at UN.”
This ceremony was attended by the Speaker of the People’s National Assembly Brahim Ghali, Adviser of the President of the Republic for Foreign Relations Abdelhafidh Allahoum, Adviser to the President of the Republic for National Archives and National Memory Abdelmadjid Chikhi, as well as ministers, the State’s top officials and members of the diplomatic corps.
In his speech, Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad Ramtane Lamamra said that the National Diplomacy Day, which coincides this year with the 60th anniversary of the recovery of the national sovereignty, “in an important opportunity to celebrate our the diplomacy of our country which has preserved its revolutionary character even after Algeria’s membership of the United Nations on 8 October 1962.”
For his part, Boughali hailed the efforts and the “big achievements” of Algerian diplomacy.
“The classical diplomacy must be backed by parliamentary diplomacy, that is what we are working on under the leadership of the President of the Republic and guidelines of the minister of Foreign Affairs,” he said.
“We have realized, through our different visits, that Algeria has its place in Africa, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere. We have the same objective: making the voice of Algeria heard in the international forums,” he said, pointing out that “the principles of Algerian diplomacy are clear and based on defending the oppressed people’s rights and reaching peaceful solutions to all the conflicts.”
The family of mujahedeen (war veterans) and diplomat Mustapha Ferroukhi will be honored during this event, also marked by the launch of the new version of the ministry’s official website.
In addition to the screening of a documentary film on Algerian diplomacy and the speeches made by former diplomats, a conference was organized on “the Arab dimension of Algerian diplomacy.”
Lamamra commends achievements of Algerian diplomacy under leadership of President Tebboune
ALGIERS- The minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ramtane Lamamra, stressed Sunday the achievements of Algerian diplomacy under the leadership of President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and its determined contribution to the construction process of New Algeria.
"It is our duty to celebrate this historic day devoted to Algeria's return to international scene, after a long colonial night, taking pride in the achievements of the Algerian diplomacy that has earned its credentials today under the leadership of President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune," Lamamra said in an address on the National Diplomacy Day.
The foreign policy chief added that Algerian diplomacy "contributes with determination to the construction process of New Algeria, drawing on the principles of its Founding Charter, the Declaration of 1 November 1954."
On this occasion, the minister conveyed to the personnel of the ministry of Foreign Affairs, the congratulations of President Tebboune, who "encouraged them to remain faithful to the vow and make greater efforts in terms of diplomatic action which, he said, is one of the front lines in the defence of Algeria's principles and interests.
The National Diplomacy Day "is a major opportunity to celebrate our country's diplomacy that has maintained its revolutionary character, even after Algeria's accession to the United Nations, on 8 October 1962."
He added that Algerian diplomacy was shaped through the epics of the Algerian people during the Revolution for national liberation (1954-1962).