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United Nations Day: Algeria reiterates commitment to UN’s pivotal role, multilateralism

ALGIERS- Algeria reiterated its commitment to the United Nations’ pivotal role and to multilateralism, by undertaking an exemplary cooperation with the United Nations, through multidimensional actions aimed at further strengthening its contribution to the preservation of peace and security, Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad Ramtane Lamamra said on the occasion of the celebration of the United Nations Day.
“Like all the peace-loving nations committed to the values and principles enshrined by the UN Charter, Algeria celebrates this year the United Nations Day, which marked, 77 years ago, the advent of a pivotal moment in contemporary history. This celebration is all the more auspicious for Algeria as it coincides with the double historical and symbolic date of the 60th anniversary of its independence and accession to the United Nations as a member State,” Lamamra affirmed in a statement.
Humanity celebrates “this referential day in a tense global context which severely tests the principles and values of this global organization. This sensitive international situation requires combining efforts, strengthening solidarity and enhancing collaboration between all the States to restore peace and stability in the world, end poverty, reduce inequalities and enable achieving all the sustainable development goals (SDGs),” he added.
On this occasion, he said, “Algeria reiterates its commitment to the United Nations’ key role and to multilateralism as a forum of harmonization of visions and ambitions of member States which aspire to establish a fair international order that enables all the States to live in peace and achieve a shared prosperity.”
“Faithful to this vision, Algeria has an exemplary cooperation with the United Nations, through multi-dimensional actions aimed to further strengthen its contribution to the preservation of peace and security, the protection of human rights and the promotion of sustainable development,” said the minister.
In this respect, he pointed out that “Algeria’s commitment and action culminated this year in its brilliant election as a member of the UN Human Rights Council for the period 2023-2025, which constitutes recognition by the international community of its role in terms of protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental rights.”
“The accession to this important body will enable Algeria to step up efforts in this field and leave a mark of its convictions and commitments within the efforts that must be made in order to achieve a significant progress in terms of ensuring human rights to all the peoples,” he said.
“Algeria’s aspiration to accede to the Security Council as non-permanent member for 2023-2024 reflects its ambition to contribute to the global peace action, by focusing the efforts on the promotion of peaceful solutions and the strengthening of the non-alignment principles and invigorated multilateralism.”
This year is also marked by the organization of “the 31st Arab Summit on 1 and 2 November. Algeria will offer a platform to the Arab heads of State and government and to the leaders of regional and international institutions and countries, to give another chance to diplomacy and peace in the settlement of conflicts, endangering human lives and threatening the peoples’ well-being.”
In this regard, Lamamra said that the Arab Summit “will offer a unique opportunity to mobilize the efforts and good will of all the players in order to strengthen the Arab solidarity around crucial issues and bring out a shared vision, so that to protect our region from tensions and offer a promising future to the Arab youth.”