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Algiers Arab Summit 2022

Arab Summit: 24 clauses adopted by ESC at level of ministers
ALGIERS- The Economic and Social Council of the Arab League (ESC) adopted Friday, at the end of a meeting at the level of ministers in Algiers, 24 clauses to be submitted to the Arab Summit that will take place November 1-2 in Algiers, the minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamel Rezig, said.
In a news conference following the meeting, Rezig said the 24 clauses adopted "unanimously" after a constructive discussion" include several recommendations on "important and sensitive" socio-economic issues, "especially Arab food security."
They also include "bold" recommendations to revive the Great Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA) and speed up the creation of the Arab Customs Union.
In reply to a question on trade among Arab countries, Rezig admitted that the level of Arab commercial exchange is low, despite the establishment of the GAFTA.
He explained the current situation by "undisclosed non-customs constraints."
Speaking on the same occasion, the deputy secretary general and head of the Social Issues Department at the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League, Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, said the clauses to be submitted to the Summit are related to Arab citizens' daily life marked by the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and the repercussions of geostrategic crises.
In this respect, she announced that the ESC will set up a mechanism forcing the Arab member countries to implement the decisions relating to the Gafta.
Algeria calls for stepping up Arab economic, social cooperation
ALGIERS- Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamel Rezig, on Friday highlighted Algeria's desire to develop Arab cooperation in the economic and social fields.
Rezig made the statement in an opening address at the Arab Economic and Social Council (ESC) meeting at the level of ministers held at Abdellatif Rahal International Conference Centre, ahead of the 31st Arab Summit, and which was attended by the secretary general of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheith.
The minister said "Algeria wants to develop Arab cooperation in the economic and social fields to strengthen the ties among our countries, mainly through integration in the best interest of our Arab nation.
"Algeria will work to bring the necessary support to the joint Arab action for the wellbeing and prosperity of peoples, through the Arab League, given that it is one of our peoples' rights that they should enjoy."
Algiers Arab Summit: Significant progress in Arab Customs Union project
ALGIERS- Algeria's ambassador in Egypt and permanent delegate to the Arab League, Abdelhamid Chebira, said Thursday, in an address at a preparatory meeting for the 31st Arab summit, to be held in Algeria's capital early November, that Arab Customs Union project had made "significant" progress.
Chebira, in a news conference at Abdellatif Rahal international Press Centre, at the end of a the Arab Social and Economic Council (ESC) senior officials meeting and that of the permanent delegates, in preparation of Arab Foreign Ministers meeting ahead of the 31st Arab Summit, in Algiers, said the Arab Customs Union project is under consideration and has made significant progress.
The Arab League ESC meeting at the ministerial level on Friday "will certainly result in new data in favour of the development of the union project, as part of Arab countries' aspiration for more commercial exchange and joint action," Chebira said.
The volume of commercial exchanges among Arab countries does not exceed 5% or 6% of their foreign trade, he said, emphasizing the need for mechanisms to boost inter-Arab trade and for reinforcing the role of the Arab Customs Union.