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Algiers Arab Summit 2022

Arab Summit in Algiers, an event widely covered by Arab media
ALGIERS-The Arab Summit in Algiers, scheduled for November 1 and 2, has been widely covered by the Arab media, as it takes place in a context of growing regional and international challenges that require enhanced inter-Arab cooperation and solidarity.
The Arab media commended the means mobilized by Algeria and the efforts made on the ground to ensure the success of this important Arab event.
The Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Houssam Zaki said that the League appreciates the effort made by Algeria because it is a "commendable and praiseworthy effort.”
In an article entitled "Palestine: An Important Milestone in the Algiers Summit", the Qatar News Agency (QNA) highlighted the importance of this event, which it called a "turning point" to bring together the ranks and strengthen inter-Arab solidarity.
"Algeria is preparing to host, in early November, the 31st ordinary session of the Council of the League of Arab States at the summit level. The event will be a milestone for the unification of Arab ranks and the revival of joint Arab action," said the article.
Referring to the "Algiers Declaration" resulting from "the Conference for Palestinian Unity" hosted in Algiers from 11 to 13 October, the Qatari agency said that "the Palestinian issue will be at the heart of the Algiers Summit, as a key Arab issue, with the aim of initiating a new start for Arab solidarity through the unification of efforts to address the current challenges on various fronts.” 
The Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported in an article entitled "The State of Kuwait Hopes the Algiers Summit Results in Decisions to revive joint Arab action," the statements of Kuwaiti representatives, who came to Algeria to attend the various preparatory meetings for this Arab summit, highlight the efforts of Kuwait to be the first country to come to participate in the summit and the last to leave Algeria.
The Jordanian newspaper "Al-Destour" wrote in an article entitled "Palestine and The Resumption of Joint Action", the Algiers summit remains one of the most important events that work to open an inclusive Arab dialogue, especially in light of the circumstances prevailing in the Arab world and the urgent need to unify the Arab ranks, in order to consider in depth the issues that arise on the Arab scene and achieve concrete and convincing results, in line with the reality in the Arab world ....”
"Algeria, under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, spares no effort to smooth out the obstacles, ensure the success of the Summit and reunify the Arab ranks,” wrote the daily.
Arab Summit: Watershed in joint Arab action
ALGIERS- There is great hope that the 31st Arab Summit to take place in Algiers early November will be a "turning point" in reviving joint Arab action, the secretary general of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said Saturday in Algiers, warning of the seriousness of the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories.
"We aspire the 31st Arab Summit will be a turning point in reviving the joint Arab action and boosting its performances," Aboul Gheit said in an opening address at the Arab Foreign Ministers meeting held ahead of the Arab Summit, to take place on November 1-2 in Algiers.
The Arab League chief described as "critical" the stage the Palestinian cause is going through, pointing to the practices of Zionist occupation authorities that continue, as usual, to play with fire, through its policy of violence and repression of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories.
These practices are likely to torpedo the Oslo accord and undermine any effort for the two-state solution, he added.