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Algiers Arab Summit 2022

Arab Foreign ministers rely on Algiers Summit to close ranks, deal with international changes
ALGIERS- Several Arab Foreign ministers affirmed Saturday, in Algiers, that they rely on Algeria’s capacity, which will host the Arab Summit on 1-2 November, to achieve the unification of the Arab ranks in order to deal with the international changes.  
On the sidelines of the preparatory meeting for the Arab Summit, held at the International Center of Conference (CIC) Abdelarif Rahal, Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdallah Bou Habib said that his country “relies on Algeria’ role to achieve a real unification of the Arab ranks.” 
For him, the absence of a unified Arab position “would pave the way for the interference in the Arab countries’ domestic affairs.”
As regards Lebanon’ position vis-à-vis the inking of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement in Algiers, Lebanon’s Foreign minister said that his country welcomed the meeting of the Palestinian factions in Algeria, as it is an “important phase for all the Arabs,” considering that “any attempt of peace in the future requires the unity of the Palestinian ranks at a time when (the Zionist entity) continues to reject the peace process.”
Djibouti’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mahmoud Ali Youssef stressed that his country hopes that this 31st Arab summit will be successful, as long as, he added, “all the conditions are met to achieve this purpose.”
He said that his country welcomes the food security initiative which has become, throughout the world, “a necessity given the situation caused by the Ukrainian crisis.”
For his part, Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisian Abroad Othman Jerandi emphasized the importance of the preparatory meetings, adding that the participants hope that the 31st Arab Summit could “achieve the expected results” and that “Algeria reaches, as usual, positive results and in favor of all the Arab issues.”
Underscoring that “several points will be examined as part of a very important agenda,” he said that all sides are willing to work for the enrichment of these meetings, where the Palestinian issue will be at the heart of these debates.
Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Fouad Hussain expressed the hope that “the decisions of the Summit would be implemented on the ground to support the joint Arab action and achieve the economic development in the Arab countries.”
He also stressed the pioneering role played by Algeria which constitutes for the Iraqis “a part of the country’s history, and the liberation war is always present in the Iraqi culture and policy.”
Comoros’s Foreign Minister Dhoihir Dhoulkamal said his country hopes that the works of the next Arab Summit would be held in good conditions in order to make progress in the debates and develop the solidarity between the Arab countries.
Joint Arab action: Algeria places great hopes in everyone’s contribution to make fresh start
ALGIERS- Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad Ramtane Lamamra affirmed Saturday, in Algiers, that Algeria places great hopes in the contribution of everyone, during the Arab Summit, to make a fresh start to the joint Arab action according to an approach transcending the traditional approaches to meet current requirements.
In his speech at the opening of the works of the Foreign Ministers meeting preparatory for the Arab Summit, Lamamra said that the holding of the 31st Arab Summit was delayed by three years and a half because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Lamamra discussed, during his speech, the crisis in Ukraine and its security, political and economic dimensions, pointing out that this crisis “has caused a situation heralding major repercussions on the international system, including the Arab region.”
“These exceptional situations may deepen the common challenges the Arab region is facing,” he said.
Lamamra stressed, in the face of these developments, the necessity of “stepping up efforts by acting as part of a coherent and unified group taking into account the principle of the unity of fate and the underlying values and commitments, while working for the promotion of the principles of its integration and its revival as a Naiton.”
“We place great hopes in the contribution of everyone during the Algiers Summit to make a fresh start to the joint Arab action in accordance of a move transcending the traditional approaches to meet current requirements and enable us, collectively, to shape a better future for our peoples and countries,” said Lamamra.   
The developments occurring in the world “shouldn’t divert our attention from the concerns of our Arab nation,” je insisted, citing notably “the Palestinian cause which is experiencing today one of its most difficult phases, a phase marked by a stalled poltical process and an occupier persisting in his fait accompli policy.”
In this regard, Lamamra congratulated “the Palestinian brothers for joining the reconciliation initiative launched by President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune in the beginning of this year, in coordination with his brother President Mahmoud Abbas, a move that led to the inking of the “Declaration of Algiers”,” stemming from the Conference for the unification of the Palestinian ranks, held on 13 October.”
Arab Summit in Algiers, “turning point” to revive joint Arab action
TUNIS-The Tunisian press is following with great interest Algeria's preparations to host the 31st Arab Summit scheduled for November 1-2, calling it a “turning point” step towards unifying ranks and reviving the joint Arab action.
In a statement to APS, Editor-in-Chief of the International Department of the Tunisian newspaper “Assabah,” Assia Atrous said that the Tunisian press is following all the information concerning this important event, noting the strong symbolism of the meeting of Arab leaders in the country of one and a half million martyrs, on the date of the outbreak of the Algerian revolution that defeated colonialism.
I hope that this symbolic date “will serve as a catalyst for the Palestinian and Arab brothers to change the situation, unify the Arab ranks and meet the challenges of the Arab nation.”
Atrous highlighted Algeria’s “historic achievement” in unifying the ranks of Palestinian factions, saying that “the signing of the Algiers Declaration is a considerable achievement” while praising the important role of President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune who sponsored this initiative.
For her part, Dhoha Talik, one of Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) Agency journalists, said that the Tunisian press was closely following this “major and crucial event” for Arab citizens, especially as it takes place “in a delicate regional and international context.”
“The Arab world must unite its voice in the light of this international reality and its impact on food and energy security,” she stressed.
She also pointed out the tireless efforts made by Algeria in the service of the Palestinian cause, welcoming the signing of the “Algiers Declaration” by the Palestinian factions.