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President Tebboune chairs over commemorative ceremony of November 1, 1954

ALGIERS-The President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, and Minister of National Defense, Abdelmadjid Tebboune chaired Tuesday evening the commemorative ceremony of the 68th  anniversary of the outbreak of the Glorious Revolution of November 1, 1954.
The ceremony took place at the Sheraton Hotel, in the presence of Arab leaders, heads of state, and Government attending the 31st Arab Summit.
High State officials and members of the Government also attended this commemorative ceremony which started with the national anthem performed by the Republican Guard.
On the same occasion, a documentary film on the War of National Liberation, produced by the Directorate of Information and Communication at the General Staff of the People's National Army and entitled "A Revolution Attached to Human Values and Principles", was screened.
Organized on the sidelines of a dinner offered in honor of the guests of Algeria, the ceremony wrapped up with a sumptuous fireworks display that illuminated the sky of the capital. 
President Tebboune’s message on 68th anniversary of glorious Liberation Revolution
ALGIERS-The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune sent Monday a message on the occasion of the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious Liberation Revolution of November 1, 1954. Below is the APS translation:
         "In the name of Allah, Clement, and Merciful,
         Prayer and Peace Be on His Messenger,
         Fellow citizens,
Allah has graced Algeria with memorable days reflecting its glorious journey and several occasions to show loyalty to the epics of the shouhada (martyrs) who committed to the Declaration of November and responded to the call for freedom and dignity.
Driven by a faith in victory, our people led a relentless armed struggle under the banner of the National Liberation Front and the National Liberation Army.
Despite the machine of repression and persecution mobilized by colonial France and the madness of mass destruction through the scorched earth policy, the free Algerian revolutionaries resisted, during more than seven years of a tireless and disproportionate war. They contradicted the prognoses which bet on the breathlessness of the glorious Revolution of Liberation, which became, thanks to an epic resistance and the determination to snatch the dazzling victory or to fall into martyrdom, an example of devotion and sacrifice in the service of the values of freedom and dignity.
The Algeria of prosperity and growth, for the freedom, independence, and unity of which the shouhada and the mujahideen (veterans) sacrificed themselves, is not a simple aspiration. It is, at present, our strategic goal, around which we all mobilize, in the new Algeria, with an unshakeable faith in the capacities and the enormous potentialities of the nation, hindered by the excesses and the drifts accumulated during long years.
In spite of the time and the efforts to restore the authority of the State and to impose the supremacy of the law, the fight against the excesses did not hinder the will for change and did not influence the rigorous respect of our commitments to engage our country on the way of economic revival and sustainable development through. We want Algeria to find its place in the regional and international fora and to fulfill a key role regionally and internationally.
On this occasion, it is appropriate to congratulate the Algerian people, generous and hospitable, committed to Arab solidarity, which warmly welcomes its guests among the participants in the 31st Summit of the Council of the League of Arab States.    
We are pleased to celebrate with our Arab brothers, in their countries and among their brothers, this glorious day when we remember, alongside them, the principles and ideals of the humanitarian and noble message of November, and through which we renew our loyalty to the heavy sacrifices endured by the Algerian people with honor and pride until the banner of freedom and independence is raised high in our sky allowing us today to gather, under its colors, in memory of our valiant martyrs and greet the faithful mujahideen, may Allah grant them health and long life.
     Long live Algeria
     Glory to our martyrs
     May peace, mercy, and blessing of Allah be upon you