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Arab Summit

Arab Summit: Big opportunity to stimulate joint Arab action mechanisms
ALGIERS- The Arab media outlets underlined that the Arab Summit for the unification of the Arab ranks, kicked off on Tuesday in Algiers, is a “great opportunity to stimulate the mechanisms of the joint Arab action at all levels, emphasizing Algeria’s sustained efforts to ensure the success of this important event and reach recommendations meeting the aspirations of the region’s peoples.
In its editorial entitled “A historic Summit by its challenges,” Oman’s newspaper “El Watan” wrote that Algiers Summit “is the first summit, in three years, where the Arab leaders have met and constitutes a big opportunity to stimulate the mechanisms of the joint Arab action at all levels.”
The Egyptian site “Al Yaoum Al Sabaa,” ensured a special coverage of Algiers Summit which aims to “reunite the Arab ranks and take up the challenges of the region by eliminating all the causes behind tensions in the inter-Arab relations,” underscoring that the Summit “will give a strong impetus to the Palestinian position and will take decisions aimed to strengthen the resilience of the Palestinian in their territory.”
“Al-Ain” daily said that the 31st Arab Summit of Algiers focuses on “agendas with a number of issues to which the participants hope to reach a consensus enabling the settlement of the crises in the region,” expressing satisfaction about “the first digital Summit.”
Egypt’s “Al Ahram” wrote “the Arab Summit has a particular importance in the light of the important challenges facing the region’s countries,” adding that “Algiers Summit recommends consultations and coordination between the Arab countries for the preservation of security and stability in the region, in addition to the strengthening of the Arab interests, given current different challenges at the regional and international levels.
For his part, the Emirati paper “Al Ittihad” reported a statement made by professor of political sciences at Cairo’s University Tariq Fahmi who affirmed that “Algeria  has made huge efforts to ensure the success of the Summit and reach relevant recommendations.”
31st Arab Summit: Consensus between Arab leaders on all issues
ALGIERS- Algeria’s ambassador to Egypt and permanent delegate to the Arab League Abdelhamid Chebira underlined Wednesday a convergence of views between the Arab leaders on all political, social and economic issues affecting the Arab region.
In a statement to APS on the sidelines of the 2nd day of the 31st Arab Summit, Chebira underlined that there is a total convergence between the Arab leaders on all the political issues affecting the region, “despite some cases of divergence of views.”
The economic decisions included in the “Declaration of Algiers” will have “very positive effects on all the Arab countries, and will open up prospects for partnership and investment in different fields,” said the source.
Underscoring that the economic decisions will take the lion’s share in the “Declaration of Algiers” crowning the works of the 31st Arab Summit, he said that “all the obstacles hindering development in the economic fields between the Arab States were evaluated, notably those related to the development of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA).”
Kuwaiti Crown Prince calls to make peace process in Middle East successful
ALGIERS- Crown Prince of Kuwait Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah reiterated his call to the international community to make the peace process in the Middle East successful and to ensure the Palestinian people’s right to establish their independent State with al-Quds as capital.
In an address made on the second day of the 31st Arab League Summit, chaired by President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the Crown Prince of Kuwait welcomed the role of Algeria in the rapprochement of the Palestinian factions.
He called on the United Nations to continue efforts to reach a political solution in Yemen, expressing his about Houthis’ refusal to prolong the truce.
Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah expressed his total rejection of all forms of terrorism, calling for the combination of efforts to fight against terrorism and extremism and to dry up its funding resources.
He welcomed the draft global strategy for Arab food security, examined during the summit, calling for “its implementation as soon as possible.”
Arab Summit: Somalia’s President calls to unite efforts
ALGIERS- Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud called Wednesday, in Algiers, for joining efforts and stimulating the mechanisms of the joint Arab action, in order to reach appropriate solutions to Arab issues.
“This important meeting is held at a time when the Arab region is facing various crises and challenges that threaten its security and stability as well as those of the whole world, notably amidst the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic and the effects of the crisis in Ukraine, in addition to food crises,” said Sheikh Mohamoud in an address he made on the second day of the 31st Arab Summit, chaired by President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune.
“Because of this, added Somalia’s President, we are called to unite efforts, stimulate the mechanisms of the joint Arab action and adopt serious and wise development policies, in order to reach appropriate solutions to the crises of the region.”
In this regard, he called “to make efforts in favor of the Arab issues, as part of the joint Arab action and consultations, in order to address the exceptional situation that the Arab region is experiencing.”
Algiers Arab Summit, important milestone in strengthening Arab solidarity
ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed Wednesday that the Arab Summit, held in Algiers, constituted an important milestone in strengthening Arab solidarity.
In his speech at the wrap up of the 31st Arab Summit, at the International Center of Conferences (CIC) in Algiers, President Tebboune pointed out that “this Summit constituted an important milestone in strengthening the Arab solidarity in order to protect our common interests and work within a united group, strong with its capacities and resources, in order to play a key role on the regional and international scenes.”
In this regard, President of the Republic welcomed the spirit of fraternity and understanding which prevailed during the works of the Summit, pointing out that this spirit “enabled examining the situation in the Arab region and our regional landscape, as well as on the international scene.”
The Summit enabled also taking “several important decisions able to deal with the Arab citizens’ concerns and meet their legitimate aspirations,” he stressed.
The ambitious decisions of Algiers Summit “encourage us to step up efforts during our chairmanship of the Council, to ensure the implementation of what was agreed upon,” said the Head of State, stressing that “the spirit of understanding and solidarity which prevailed during this Summit encourages us to move forward in the achievement of our common objectives.”
President Tebboune thanked all the participants in this major Arab meeting for “their valuable contribution to make Algiers Summit successful and an opportunity to strengthen solidarity and unite the Arab ranks on the occasion of the commemoration of the anniversary of the outbreak of the Revolution of 1 November 1954.”