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International Women's Day: President Tebboune honors host of Algerian women

ALGIERS-The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune honored Wednesday in Algiers a host of Algerian women who have distinguished themselves in many fields during a ceremony held at the International Conference Center (CIC) "Abdellatif-Rahal", on the occasion of the International Women's Day.
The President of the Republic has awarded certificates of honor to a host of Algerian women who have distinguished themselves in many vital sectors and creative fields, including Lila Houti (professor of epidemiology), Zahia Kaabouche (professor of organic chemistry), Lieutenant Colonel Baya El Kort (professor of nephrology) and Colonel Souad Nasri (a senior executive at the Directorate General of Civil Protection).
President Tebboune also honored Benna Messaoudi (transcriber of the Holy Quran in Braille), Fatma Mahfoudi (craftsman in traditional weaving), Rafaat Zinou (director of a company manufacturing natural pesticides), Bariza Berzak (journalist at Channel 1 of the National Radio), Zoulikha Bounar (novelist and cultural adviser), and Dounia Bouguenbour (manager of a startup of robotics for children).
Women honoured by President Tebboune welcome State’s efforts to strengthen rights, position of women
ALGIERS- The women honoured Wednesday by President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, welcomed the State’s efforts to strengthen the rights and position of women in various fields.
On the sidelines of the distinction ceremony chaired by President Tebboune at CIC “Abdelatif Rehal” in the honour of several Algerian women who have brilliantly excelled in their activities and made great success, the honoured women welcomed the State’s efforts, notably the President of the Republic, to strengthen the rights of the Algerian women through laws and implementation of mechanisms aimed to promote their role up to their aspirations, reaffirming that they will continue working in the service of the country.
Leila Houti, professor at Oran’s oncology centre said she was delighted to be honoured by the President of the Republic, as it is, she said, “an encouragement to continue the work in the service of Algeria and for the public interest,” adding that “Algeria has made great strides” to protect women and preserve their rights.
For her part, Zahia Kabouche, teacher of organic chemistry at Constantine University, affirmed that this distinction encourages her to continue the work and to achieve much success.
Fatma Mahfoudi, a traditional weaving artisan from Timimoun, hailed “the support of President Tebobune to creative women in general and to craftswomen in particular, notably as part of the preservation of our diversified Algerian heritage, reflecting our authentic identity.”
For Rafaat Zinou, manager of a company manufacturing natural pesticides in the capital, this distinction by the President of the Republic will encourage her to move forward to achieve greater success in the future.
March 8: Untiring efforts to promote role of women in national economy
ALGIERS-Like all countries in the world, Algeria celebrates this Wednesday International Women's Day which comes in a national context marked by an intensification of efforts to support Algerian women and enable them to contribute effectively to the economic development of the country.
The foundations of this support have been laid through the commitment of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune to promote the role of women in the country's economy, improve their social situation and strengthen their rights while ensuring a balance between different regions of the country.
The State has improved in recent years the policy of combating unemployment and has strengthened support for employment following an economic approach based on developing female entrepreneurship, the contribution of women to the momentum of development, and reducing the unemployment rate in women through incentives to ensure greater involvement of women in economic activity.
As part of this approach, the sector of entrepreneurship in Algeria experiences a frantic momentum having given place to the effective contribution of women in the economic field. The number of micro-enterprises has reached more than 41500 within the framework of the National Agency for Support and Development of Entrepreneurship (ANADE) and the National Agency for the Management of Micro-credit (ANGEM) and other bodies.
Regarding ANGEM, women have obtained 64% of micro-projects, a figure that shows the adherence of Algerian women to the process of economic development.
Regarding the support of women in entrepreneurship, ANADE launched last May the national network of women entrepreneurs "El Moukawila", a network whose objective is to promote women's entrepreneurship following an inclusive economic vision.
In accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic at the meeting of the Council of Ministers on January 3, 2021, to boost the various mechanisms dedicated to the housewife, a national program for the economic integration of women has been launched, especially for rural women in order to encourage entrepreneurship and help them launch small projects that generate profit.
In the trade sector, the overall number of women traders in Algeria has soared by nearly 18% over the last five years.
In the agriculture sector, thousands of rural women have invested in the world of investment with economic projects generating wealth and creating jobs.
The number of rural women has risen to more than 60,000 women holding the "farmer's card".
International Women's Day: APS honors female workers
ALGIERS-On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Algeria Press Service (APS) news agency held Wednesday a ceremony in honor of the female workers of the various editorial departments.
The APS Director General, Samir Gaid chaired this ceremony during which he reiterated his esteem and recognition to the women of APS, highlighting their commitment and dedication in the performance of their professional duty in the best interests of the company and the country.
During this ceremony, which was attended by officials of the Participation Committee and the union section of the company, Gaid emphasized the achievements of the agency and its pioneering role in the national media scene and in defending the interests of the country.
He reiterated his determination to make more achievements for the benefit of APS workers.