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Roadmap for development of hydrogen: Provide European market with 10% of its needs by 2040

ALGIERS-The roadmap for the development of hydrogen aims to make Algeria a pioneer country at regional and international levels in the production and marketing of this new energy by working to provide the European market with 10% of its needs by 2040, said Thursday the Ministry of Energy and Mines.
According to data provided at a workshop organized by the ministry on the presentation of the roadmap for the development of hydrogen, "Algeria intends to produce and export between 30 and 40 billion kilowatts of hydrogen gas, liquefied and derived, and to supply the European market with nearly 10% of its needs by 2040 at very competitive selling prices.”
Algeria is able to achieve annual revenues estimated at nearly US$10 billion dollars. In this regard, Algeria aims through the adoption of this roadmap to make hydrogen a strategic sector for the strategic transition and compliance with its climate-related commitments.
According to the same source, Algeria has several competitive advantages that allow it to develop the hydrogen industry in order to create sustainable jobs and achieve additional income in non-hydrocarbon currencies.
The development of the hydrogen sector in Algeria goes through three (3) main phases starting with the start-up and training (2023-2030), then the expansion and the creation of the market (2030-2040), and finally the industrialization and the export (2040-2050).
Regarding the types of hydrogen on which Algeria is focusing, the national roadmap for the development of renewable and clean hydrogen refers to two types: blue hydrogen (produced by the conversion of methane) and green hydrogen (through the electrolysis of water using renewable energy).
International strategic partnerships covering the entire value chain of hydrogen will be sealed, according to the same source that stressed the need for "Algeria to seize the opportunities of international funding to implement these projects on the ground.”
However, the development of hydrogen will depend on several factors, including reducing the cost of production of renewable energy (solar and wind), developing the electrical grid to increase the rate of integration of renewable energy, and lowering the cost of production of electrolyzers (from US$1,000 /KW to US$400/KW), in addition to the development of storage techniques, transport, infrastructure, and competitive hydrogen markets.
This roadmap had been approved by the Government in 2022.